2°C Global Citizen Science Climate-Observing Network

2DegreesC values partnerships with companies that share our vision and mission, to make meaningful changes to the environment we live in.

Climate solutions need data

On a warming planet, it's unacceptable that many places have never seen a thermometer.
This lack of quality climate observations hinders the creation of innovative and effective climate solutions. 2°C is a nonprofit organization solving that problem by transforming outdoor enthusiasts and professionals into environmental heroes who observe our planet like never before.

2°C’s citizen scientists collect data

When you run, trek, cycle, dive, paddle, ski, or camp with a wearable 2°C LEAF climate sensor, you join a global, dynamic observing network taking the pulse of the planet. Just as a tree has thousands of leaves, and a forest has millions, 2°Cʼs network of 2°C LEAFs can generate a forest of data to close the gaps in our climate knowledge. We have strength in numbers.

How does it work?

Just clip on your 2°C LEAF when you head out. Observations stream automatically from your 2°C LEAF to our mobile app. The app transmits the data to our servers. We quality control, anonymize, and share data with those who are innovating climate change solutions.

How will we do this?

  • Heroes are recruited through partner organizations, social media, word of mouth, data events
  • 2°C LEAFs are distributed directly and via partners (co-branding opportunities)
  • Market our quality data source among our strong science and public service networks

What does the hero get from this?

  • Make a positive difference for the planet by supporting climate solutions

  • Receive alerts when data are used by researchers and decision-makers

  • Data credits redeemable for rewards & incentives from our partners


    What will make this happen?

    • Seeking partners to distribute the 2°C LEAF to stakeholders and members

    • Foundational support for distribution into low-income communities and developing nations

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