About us

Engaging people and providing important climate data to scientists worldwide.

What We Do

2°C is a global network of individuals who care about our planet and want to take action on climate change by wearing small, low-cost environmental sensors that automatically observe conditions in the places between weather stations. By collecting these data, we can better understand how climate change is affecting these areas and take action to protect them. Scientists, conservation managers, and businesses can use these data to improve their understanding of climate change and take action to protect the environment. Our approach is an innovative and effective way to gather new climate data and support conservation efforts that immediately and directly improve our ability to address the climate crisis.

Our Moment

We have a brief window of opportunity – right now – to change the direction of climate change. It’s a window we all are looking through and we all have an equal right to participate in determining the outcome of our future on this planet.

Our Cause

We have pretty good climate information for cities and other urban areas, but what we don’t have – is detailed data about the weather and environment in remote, rural and impoverished places – to understand how climate change is affecting the plants and animals found there. This information gap not only hinders our ability to address the challenges facing these communities but also perpetuates existing inequalities and injustices.

Our Solutions

With accurate low-cost automated sensor technology attached to people who care, we can collect large volumes of data at a fraction of the cost of traditional observations, and do so from areas that have inadequate coverage, where data are expensive to collect and in places that are often difficult to access.

Be The Change The World Needs

Our Team

Jenny Dissen

Director of strategy

Dr. Karsten Shein

Director of Science 

Neil Van Niekerk

Executive Director

2°C Team THoughts

We stand together on our vision for the future.

"Our urgency uncovers a true need for a shift in consciousness that allows us to highlight where our data can make the most impact to ecosystems and the lives of species, that inevitably, by saving the bulk of biodiversity, we also save our place within that ecosystem as well."
Neil van Niekerk
2°C Executive Director

" We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. "Think. Learn. Act. The more vou know, the better and more educated choices you have the opportunity to make.


“A single coin is changing what historians know about an ancient kingdom. New pixels in an image from the Webb telescope are changing what we know about black holes. I have no doubt that a new temperature observation where none were before can change what we know about the climate of a place.”
Dr. Karsten Shein
2°C Director Of Science
“Every datum — every day, every action means the world to all of us — so let's take action for our healthy planet and our healthy selves.”
Jenny Dissen
2°C - Director Of Strategy

"Real exploration cannot be done through a screen or second-hand: true perspective must be obtained first-hand as primary evidence."




"It's an absolute honor and privilege supporting 2°C! This work is so critical - we need to understand fundamentally how climate change impacts our environments, our humanity, our future."
Alex Bansleben
2°C Director Of Special Projects

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