The world needs Environmental Data… and here’s how you can help us get it


2°C is a nonprofit citizen science organization with a mission of transforming anyone who enjoys the outdoors into environmental heroes. When our heroes carry one of our research-grade climate or ocean sensors, they become mobile data platforms, gathering essential environmental data wherever they go. Shared with scientists worldwide, these data are necessary for understanding and solving climate change and its impacts!

Extreme storms, intense heatwaves, acidifying oceans, widespread drought - climate change is affecting everyone, everywhere. Every social, economic, and environmental system on Earth is impacted by these changes, and those impacts are growing larger every day. Simultaneously, millions of people all over the planet want to do something but are driven to despair by the overwhelming scope of climate change and the widespread climate threats they face.

We are building a global community of individuals who are committed to gathering data from those remote places and sharing them with scientists worldwide in an effort to reduce climate uncertainty and identify practical and scientifically sound solutions. 

The core challenge to action on climate change is a lack of high-quality climate data in many places on Earth. Without sustained local observations, we cannot reduce uncertainty or understand climate change at the scale of a community or ecosystem. This puts billions of people and vast ecosystems at grave risk. 

The 2°C initiative is a low-cost network of mobile platforms, each collecting scientifically valid, georeferenced observations. 

Individually, a single data point is insignificant, but each data point reduces that uncertainty in and around the place it was collected. As more and more observations are made, climate models are able to integrate those data with the coarser data they already use and paint a more reliable picture of the climate in that place.
There is indeed strength in numbers.