The World Needs Environmental Data

Here's how you can help us get it from the places you love.

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What We Do

2°C is a nonprofit citizen science organization with a mission of transforming anyone who enjoys the outdoors into environmental heroes. When our heroes carry one of our research-grade climate or ocean sensors, they become mobile observatories, automatically gathering essential environmental data wherever they go. Shared with scientists worldwide, these data are necessary for understanding and solving climate change and its impacts!

Why 2°C?

Extreme storms, intense heatwaves, acidifying oceans, widespread drought – climate change is affecting everyone, everywhere. Every social, economic, and environmental system on Earth is impacted by these changes, and those impacts are growing larger every day.

Climate change is a big puzzle, and we’re missing some very important pieces of information. Right now, we have pretty good climate information for cities and other urban areas, but what we don’t have  is detailed data about the weather data in rural and remote places to understand how climate change is affecting them.

2°C cares about the people and biodiversity that fall in the gaps outside of the areas currently served by the existing climate observing network of observations. Simultaneously, millions of people all over the planet want to do something but are driven to despair by the overwhelming scope of climate change and the widespread climate threats they face. We provide the tools needed to participate in closing these data gaps.


“To act, we must understand.
To understand, we must observe”
-Dr. Karsten Shein


Our Mission

We are building a global community of individuals who are committed to gathering data from those remote places and sharing them with scientists worldwide in an effort to reduce climate uncertainty and identify practical and scientifically sound solutions.

Climate action is challenged by a lack of high-quality climate data in many places on Earth. Without sustained local observations, we cannot reduce uncertainty or understand climate change at the scale of a community or ecosystem. This puts billions of people and vast ecosystems at grave risk.

Our Tech

The 2°C initiative is a global network of low-cost, mobile environmental sensor systems, each collecting scientifically valid, georeferenced observations. 

An individual observation may seem insignificant, but its existence reduces climate uncertainty in and around the place it was collected. Each additional observation improves the accuracy of weather and climate models and paints a more reliable picture of the climate and climate change. There is indeed strength in numbers.

Terrestrial Program

The 2°C LEAF sensor is is for anyone who spends time outdoors and wants to make a difference.

Ocean Program

2°C Wavelet sensor is for scuba divers who want to contribute ocean data every time they dive.

Ocean Decade Project 112.2 - Submersible Technology to Advance Reef Science

What Experts say

"Citizen science is really

important... to help us keep

our thumb on the pulse

of the planet."

Prof. Katharine Hayhoe

Chief Scientist for The Nature Conservancy

"Outdoor enthusiasts become

citizen scientists by helping to

measure and monitor the

environment they love."

Marjorie McGuirk

President - CASE Consultants International

Donate Now

Your donations help to put sensors in the field! Become a Climate ACTION Supporter and help put data in the hands of scientists.

US 501 (c)(3) Nonprofit | EIN – 84-2585229

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Our science director Karsten Shein just returned from building collaborations and showing off our Wavlet and Leaf citizen science sensors at The Ocean Race Genova - The Grand Finale. What a great group of ocean heroes working to advance awareness of ocean health and the need for more ocean observation. Congratulations to 11th Hour Racing Team on their win! ... See MoreSee Less
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2°C Climate Chat Podcast

Join us every Wednesday as we work to change the narrative around solutions for the climate crisis. We lay out our case for using data as a tool for filling in the gaps of our understanding of what’s going on with our planet’s climate, and the developing crisis caused by changes to it.

Please join us weekly for conversations with experts on various topics around the climate crisis, the science behind it, and the impact of it on our planet.

You Can Help Us On Our Mission

Join a growing movement of people around the world who carry our research-grade climate or ocean sensors

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